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Diowave Stealth Micro-Pulsed Laser Technology represents the State of The Art in Class IV Laser Technology and the first Class IV Laser to be cleared by the FDA . The Doctor can remove all heat from the laser beam allowing him to hold the laser directly over the injury for an indefinite amount of time. This technology is only available at a Diowave treatment center or the US Government.

Because of its safety and diversity, Stealth Micro-Pulse Laser Therapy can treat most conditions from head to toe. The only exceptions are the eyes, over a pregnant uterus, or a known malignancy.

Because the Doctor is able to remove all heat from the Stealth Micro-Pulsed Laser, Patients feel absolutely nothing except relief of pain.

Stealth Micro-Pulsed laser therapy is cleared for clinical use by the FDA. It currently can be reimbursed under insurance codes 97039 and S8948. However, insurance reimbursement in very limited, at best. Medicare will not cover Laser Therapy. Therefore, we do not participate with any insurance plans currently. You may submit your paid receipt to your insurance company for consideration. The good news, however, is that laser therapy is very affordable to all who suffer from pain. Treatment costs are $120 for a 10-minute treatment, however with the purchase of a package plan of multiple visits the cost can come down considerably. All services performed at Diowave Treatment Centers are fully tax-deductible! Hours are 9-5

Because laser therapy is the only treatment in medicine that actually heals living tissue, most conditions respond favorably to repeated laser therapy treatments. It has been proven to deliver results when all other forms of insurance-based medicine have failed.

Because the results are cumulative, your condition will continue to improve with each treatment session. Most conditions require 12-24 sessions in order to achieve a pain-free result.  

There are no side effects or contraindications other than the treatment of the eyes, a known malignancy, or a pregnant uterus.

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